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verb, adjective

Definition: (v.) 1. to move in an up-and-down, wavelike motion; 2. to rise and fall gracefully in volume or pitch; (adj.) wavelike in appearance or movement

Synonyms: (v.) bend, twist, bounce, quiver, pulsate, wave, fluctuate, surge, billow, ripple, shake, (adj.) wavy, rolling, rippling, sinuate

Antonyms: (v.) smooth, straighten

Tips: Undulate is derived from the Latin unda, which means "wave." Anything that moves up and down, in a wave-like pattern or motion is said to undulate or to be undulating. A singer's voice or the melody of a song, for instance, can undulate up and down gracefully. The related noun undulation refers to a wavelike motion. For a memory trick, note how undulate sounds like "under a lake." Now, envision how things undulate under the surface of a lake and how fish and seaweed undulate (move up and down) with the waves.

Usage Examples:

I cannot remember what Mary's favorite flower is called, but I know it's purple with undulating leaves. (sinuate, wavy, rippling) adjective

The mountainous road had twists and dips that undulated in a bizarre pattern. (twisted, bent) verb

The undulation of the ocean made me feel a little sea sick. (wavelike motion) noun

The guitar music undulated throughout the cocktail party. (rippled, surged, pulsated) verb

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