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Definition: rude and without refinement

Synonyms: crude, rude, unrefined, ill-mannered, unpolished, boorish, crass

Antonyms: refined, sophisticated, polite

Tips: Uncouth is derived from the Old English uncuo, which means "unfamiliar, unknown." Picture someone unfamiliar with good manners. Uncouth is generally used to describe actions or people who are ill-mannered or unrefined. Uncouth is synonymous with boorish. Both words describe ill-mannered behavior. Uncouth is ill-mannered and unrefined, while boorish is ill-mannered and crass (vulgar). Boorish also has a noun form, boor.

Usage Examples:

My uncouth uncle uses his shirt for a napkin. (crude, boorish, unrefined)

At the wedding, it would be uncouth to talk about how much you liked the groom's first wife more than his new one. (ill-mannered, rude, crass)

Mary's new boyfriend seems like an uncouth, opinionated boor. (unpolished, unrefined)

It was really uncouth of you to make that comment about how much more money you make than your coworker. (rude, boorish)

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