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Definition: 1. hidden or additional to something expressed, especially when concealed intentionally in order to deceive; 2. outside of a point or area; 3. at a future time

Synonyms: secret, hidden, undisclosed, concealed, secondary, additional, further, remote, beyond, later, future

Antonyms: disclosed, revealed, uncovered, near, present

Tips: Ulterior is derived from the Latin ulterior, which means "distant, further." "Ulterior motives" is a common phrase in Modern English. It refers to the hidden motives behind a person's actions or statements.

Usage Examples:

Jane told me she married the millionaire because she loved him, but I think she also had an ulterior motive. (undisclosed, secondary, additional)

The politician says he will raise taxes to help the needy, but his opponents claim he has an ulterior agenda. (hidden, concealed, undisclosed)

After presenting their proposal at the meeting, the city council listened to the ulterior views of citizens. (additional, further)

His idea was ulterior to the present topic of discussion, so I asked to hear about it at a later time. (remote, beyond, not immediate)

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