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Definition: 1. pompous or overly serious; 2. bloated and swollen from fluid

Synonyms: pompous, overblown, grandiloquent, grandiose, inflated, swollen, bloated

Antonyms: reserved, humble, quiet

Tips: Turgid is derived from the Latin turgidus, which means "inflated and swollen." Although turgid still means "swollen," the word is most often used to refer to overly serious speech. Think of someone with a "swollen head" who thinks what he has to say is the most important thing in the world. Note: Do not confuse turgid with turbid. Turbid means "unclear, obscure, confused, disordered" and, when referring to liquids, "muddy, thick, unclear." Turgid means "enlarged, swollen" and, when referring to language as noted above, means "pompous, overblown, grandiloquent." Both words are rare, so they are often mixed up.

Usage Examples:

I could not sit through another minute of the actor's long, turgid, and unnecessarily complicated acceptance speech. (pompous, wordy, grandiose)

The doctor said grandpa's turgid veins were caused by his diabetes. (swollen, bloated)

After his success in the stock market, Mike's already turgid ego became even more inflated. (figurative sense of swollen, inflated)

There is a woman at my book club who loves to expatiate about her understanding of the book in a turgid manner. (grandiose, pompous)

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