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Definition: 1. clouded because of sediment, especially said of water; 2. confused

Synonyms: muddy, blurred, hazy, mucky, unclear, swampy, muddled, confused

Antonyms: clear, clean, transparent, translucent

Tips: Turbid comes from the Latin turbidus, which means "troubled, confused." Turbid usually refers literally to muddy, cloudy, and unclear water and is used figuratively to describe an "unclear" and "confused" mind or thought process. Note: Do not confuse turbid with turgid. Turgid means "enlarged, swollen" and, when referring to language, usually means "pompous, overblown grandiloquent." Turbid means "unclear, obscure, confused, disordered" and, when referring to liquids as noted above, means "muddy, thick, unclear." Both words are rare, so they are often mixed up.

Usage Examples:

I still enjoyed the snorkeling trip, even though the water was too turbid to see many fish. (muddy, blurred, mucky)

Many turbid thoughts raced through his head, keeping him awake most of the night. (muddled, confused)

The alligator was well-hidden by the turbid, brown water of the swamp. (mucky, swampy)

The professor claimed my essay was turbid and poorly constructed, but I thought it was clear and logical. (unclear, confused)

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