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Definition: lacking interest or originality because of frequent repetition

Synonyms: hackneyed, commonplace, banal, ordinary, stale, stereotyped

Antonyms: original, fresh, stimulating, interesting, inspiring

Tips: Trite is derived from the Latin trituswear, which means, "to rub away." Think of using something so much its value is rubbed away. When something is trite, it is unoriginal and no longer interesting. Through overuse, a trite comment lacks power to evoke interest. Trite is synonymous with banal and hackneyed. See a detailed analysis at hackneyed.

Usage Examples:

The big budget action films are becoming trite as they run out of original story lines. (banal, unoriginal)

A series of trite comments by the reporter prompted me to change the channel. (hackneyed, banal)

Even clever advertising concepts can be used so often, they become trite. (banal, commonplace, stale)

He didnít impress anybody with his trite remarks during the meeting. (hackneyed, stale)

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