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noun, verb

Definition: (n.) the act of prioritizing and organizing emergency relief; (v.) to assign priority based on where funds and resources are most needed and can best be used

Synonyms: prioritization, organization, sorting, allocation


Tips: Triage is mainly used in the context of providing and prioritizing emergency, especially medical, relief in the wake of a disaster, but can also be used in business to denote prioritizing important issues.

Usage Examples:

The bank will need to triage its loan books to identify its most important loans. (organize, prioritize) verb

The venture capital firm triaged its most important investments and pulled out of the others. (prioritized) verb

The triage in the wake of the disaster ensured that those with the most chance of survival were given medical attention first. (prioritization, allocation) noun

I would ask that you triage your different recommendations based on priority and need for funding. (prioritize, allocate) verb

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