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Definition: 1. having many turns and bends; 2. not direct or straightforward; 3. intricate and complex

Synonyms: twisted, twisting, curved, indirect, complicated, complex, intricate

Antonyms: straight, direct, simple

Tips: Many people confuse the word tortuous with its homonym torturous. The words share a common origin but are very different. Tortuous describes things that are twisted, complicated, or indirect. Torturous describes things marked by torture. Both words are derivatives from the Latin word tortus, which means "twisted." A tortuous path is a twisted, complicated, and indirect route.

Usage Examples:

I love going to the cabin, but I dread driving up the tortuous mountain roads in order to get there. (curved, twisting)

The negotiations are expected to be long and tortuous. (complex, complicated)

I wish she would be more up-front instead of hinting at her needs in a tortuous way. (indirect)

The government should find a way to make tax laws less tortuous and more easy for the average person to understand. (complicated, complex)

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