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Definition: 1. extremely hot and unpleasant; 2. steamy and passionate; 3. fast-paced, rapid

Synonyms: hot, heated, scorching, sizzling, passionate, steamy, rapid

Antonyms: cold, frigid, dispassionate

Tips: Torrid is derived from the Latin torridus, which means "dried from the heat; very hot." Torrid is most often used to describe things that are physically hot, like the sun, or figuratively hot, like passion. A "torrid love affair" is one full of hot passion.

Usage Examples:

She brought a beach umbrella to the picnic to escape the torrid midday sun. (hot, scorching)

I refused to believe the office rumor that my boss and his secretary were having a torrid affair. (passionate, steamy)

I had a hard time keeping up with the torrid pace of my jogging partner. (rapid)

They had a torrid romance that was based purely on passion. (heated, hot, steamy)

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