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Definition: 1. to grow strong; 2. to do well and achieve success

Synonyms: flourish, grow, burgeon, blossom, prosper, succeed

Antonyms: wane, diminish

Tips: To thrive is to flourish and grow successfully. Most plants thrive in tropical settings with abundant sunlight and rain. A business can thrive during a strong economy. A person can thrive in a high-energy work environment. For a memory trick, note how thrive sounds like "alive" and how you have to be "alive" and full of life to thrive.

Usage Examples:

I don't think I can thrive at a huge university, so I've chosen to go to a small school instead. (succeed, blossom)

Those flowers are thriving in your sun-drenched yard. (flourishing, burgeoning)

Some people thrive on stress, but I hate it. (flourish, succeed)

He owns a thriving business that's becoming more successful every year. (growing, prospering) adjective

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