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Definition: boldness with a reckless disregard for danger

Synonyms: nerve, audacity, boldness, foolhardiness, impulsiveness, recklessness, rashness, fearlessness, brashness

Antonyms: prudence, vigilance, caution

Tips: Temerity is derived from the Latin temeritatem, which means "rashness." Temerity is synonymous with audacity. Both words mean "boldness." Temerity is boldness from reckless confidence, while audacity is boldness from questioning or challenging assumptions or conventions. The related adjective temerarious describes someone who is boldly daring or brash.

Usage Examples:

No one could believe she had the temerity to ask her parents for a new car after she had wrecked the old one. (nerve, boldness, audacity)

I didn't have the temerity to ask my friend why he and his wife had divorced. (nerve, audacity)

If Rosa Parks had not had the temerity to stand up for what she believed in, the civil rights movement might not have been the same. (boldness, nerve, fearlessness)

He has a temerarious nature and doesn't mind shocking or offending people as long as he can say what's on his mind. (bold, daring, brash) adjective

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