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Definition: 1. pulled tight; 2. tense or nervous; 3. in writing or speech, clear and brief

Synonyms: rigid, stretched, tight, trim, concise, firm, tense, stressed, strained

Antonyms: loose, sloppy

Tips: Taut is derived from the Old English teon, which means "to pull." Picture pulling on something so that it is tight. Taut is a more sophisticated way of saying "tight" when something is pulled tight. If a person's voice is taut, it is strained, tense, and nervous sounding.

Usage Examples:

Her voice sounded taut when she called out to me, so I knew something was wrong. (strained, tense)

The speech was taut and to-the-point, without any superfluous remarks. (concise, tight)

If the exercises are done consistently, you will experience a toned, taut appearance after a couple of weeks. (trim, firm, tight)

When I play ping pong, I like the net to be taut, not sagging. (tight, firm)

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