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Definition: 1. able to be seen or experienced, especially by touch--real; 2. in law, able to be treated as factual

Synonyms: real, actual, concrete, factual, material, observable, verifiable, understandable, palpable, perceptible, obvious, evident

Antonyms: intangible, false, imaginary, nonexistent

Tips: Tangible is derived from the Late Latin tangibilis, which means "able to be touched." Tangible is also used as a legal term to refer to material property (like buildings) as opposed to intangible or intellectual property (like ideas, copyrights, and patents). Tangible can be used as a more sophisticated way of saying "real, verifiable, concrete."

Usage Examples:

They uncovered tangible remnants of the ancient tribe, including pottery and jewelry. (material, actual)

The police could not uncover enough tangible evidence to arrest the man for the crime. (material, concrete, verifiable)

After two years, the company is starting to see tangible benefits from the merge. (real, verifiable, palpable)

In order to convict a US citizen of murder in a court of law, you usually need tangible evidence that the jury can observe. (concrete, material)

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