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Definition: implied, but not openly expressed

Synonyms: implied, unspoken, assumed, understood, implicit

Antonyms: expressed, spoken, explicit

Tips: Tacit originates from the Latin word tacere, "to be silent." A tacit understanding or agreement is an unspoken one. The related adjective taciturn also refers to silence and means "reserved" or "uncommunicative."

Usage Examples:

Because the two men trusted each other implicitly, they felt they didnít need an official contract and instead had a tacit agreement on the deal. (unspoken, understood)

The city regulators gave us tacit approval to move forward on the project. An official approval will ensue. (assumed, implied)

There was a tacit understanding that our office would be closed between Christmas and New Year's. (implied, unspoken, assumed)

Jake was rather taciturn by nature, so we were all surprised when he made a toast at the party. (silent, uncommunicative, reserved)

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