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Definition: 1. the combining of various elements into a unified whole; 2. in chemistry, the forming of chemical compounds through a series of chemical reactions; 3. the process of reasoning by deduction from the general to the specific

Synonyms: creation, combination, formation, mixture, compound, composition, union

Antonyms: separation, destruction

Tips: Synthesize is derived from the Greek suntithenai, "to put together." In synthesis, different elements come together to form a unified whole. The related verb synthesize means "to combine or integrate."

Usage Examples:

The synthesis of all the information we have gathered should provide us with a definitive theory. (combination) noun

Please synthesize the data in a concise report. (combine, integrate) verb

The artist's paintings are an interesting synthesis of abstraction and impressionism. (union, combination)

The synthesis of our various ideas created a truly unique marketing strategy for our client. (mixture, union)

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