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Definition: 1. to cause to act on the same schedule; 2. to happen at the same time

Synonyms: coincide, regulate, time, tune


Tips: When you synchronize your watch with someone else's, you make sure that both watches show the exact same time. To synchronize anything means "to make it work or happen simultaneously with something else." You can also use the word sync (a shortened, informal version) to say the same thing. The noun synchronicity refers to the coincidence of two or more events happening at the same time that seem related, but aren't.

Usage Examples:

Let's synchronize our watches so that we'll be sure to meet on time. (regulate, tune)

The radio station synchronized its programming with the fireworks show. (timed, tuned)

We synchronized our travel schedule to arrive in San Francisco at the same time. (timed, regulated)

The performance was poorly synchronized, and the dancing looked like it was off from the music. (timed, regulated)

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