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Definition: a form of logic where a conclusion is drawn from two premises

Synonyms: logic, reasoning, connection, deduction, inference, rationale, good sense

Antonyms: random guess

Tips: A syllogism is deductive reasoning (goes from the general to the specific) where an inference follows two logical premises. For example: All mammals nurse their young. Dogs are mammals. Therefore, dogs nurse their young.

Usage Examples:

Mike took the administrative job based on a simple syllogism -- he needed insurance; the administrative job offered him insurance, so he took it. (logic, reasoning)

On sunny days, Mary rides her bike to work. Today, it is sunny. Based on this syllogism, we know that Mary rode her bike to work today. (deduction, connection)

Kate hates horror movies, so the syllogism that she'll hate the horror movie you want her to watch with you is pretty evident. (logic, reasoning)

Charlie is on a low-carb diet and one can't eat donuts on a low-carb diet, so the simple syllogism is that Charlie can't eat donuts. (logic, rationale)

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