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Definition: a person who overly flatters someone in authority for personal gain

Synonyms: bootlicker, brown-noser, flatterer, lackey, lap-dog, yes-man

Antonyms: authority, boss

Tips: Sycophants are people who are overly flattering and servile toward someone with power or authority, in order to gain some kind of an advantage. For a memory trick, note how sycophant sounds like "psycho fan"--someone who is an over-the-top fan and shows this through excessive brown-nosing and flattery.

Usage Examples:

He was a sycophant who constantly complimented the boss and brought him donuts every morning. (bootlicker, brown-noser, doormat)

The boss expected his employees to act like sycophants by answering his every beck-and-call. (slaves, lap-dogs, yes-men)

Only the sycophants in the office laughed at all of the manager's bad jokes. (brown-nosers, lackeys)

I made it clear to my employees that I wanted them to speak up and earnestly express their opinions, rather than to act like a bunch of sycophants. (yes-men, brown-nosers)

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