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Definition: 1. lying on one's back; 2. passive or lethargic

Synonyms: reclining, flat, prostrate, face up, lazy, passive, lethargic, inactive

Antonyms: energetic, aggressive

Tips: Supine is derived from Latin supinus, which means "turned backwards, inactive." Think of lying down on your back and not being active. Supine describes people who are in a reclining position or people who are passive and inactive. Supine is synonymous with prostrate. Prostrate describes someone laying down from exhaustion or laying down in a humble, adoring, or submissive manner.

Usage Examples:

She was placed in a supine position for the surgery. (reclining, laying flat)

The new CEO was able to implement several programs with little opposition from the supine staff. (passive, inactive)

Her supine brother sat on the couch all day. (lazy, lethargic)

I laid on the grass in a supine position, looking at the stars overhead. (reclining, face up)

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