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Definition: 1. extremely enjoyable and wonderful; 2. worthy of adoration

Synonyms: great, glorious, grand, super, majestic, magnificent, ideal, inspiring, splendid

Antonyms: horrible, terrible, crude

Tips: Sublime is derived from the Latin sublimis, which means "uplifted and high." Think, "supreme." Sublime describes things that are uplifting, enjoyable, and supreme. Sublime is also used in science, as a verb. It means "to change directly from a solid to a vapor, without liquefying." Think, "uplifting" and use sublime to describe anything that is extremely, good, enjoyable, and beautiful. Sublime is a great adjective.

Usage Examples:

This new flavor of ice cream is sublime; it's the best thing I've tasted in a long time. (great, super, enjoyable)

The performances in the play ranged from the sublime to the ridiculous. (super, ideal, magnificent)

Our vacation was a sublime getaway. (ideal, splendid, magnificent)

The weather was sublime and perfect for a day at the beach. (glorious, ideal)

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