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Definition: 1. modified by individual bias, rather than based on facts; 2. based on views, experience, or background particular to a given person; 3. existing only in the mind and not independently of it

Synonyms: prejudiced, personal, arbitrary, biased, individual

Antonyms: objective, non-subjective

Tips: Subjective is used to describe decision-making that is colored by personal preferences and feelings, rather than by clear cut, objective measurements or criteria. For example, who can determine whether a piece of art is great or horrible?--individuals have different opinions that are subjective. The opposite of subjective is objective. See objective for additional analysis.

Usage Examples:

My subjective evaluation of the situation calls for an outside point of view, for balance. (personal, biased)

His brother did not testify due to his highly subjective point of view. (prejudiced, biased, arbitrary)

Discussing fine art is difficult because the nature of art itself is entirely subjective. (personal, individual)

There is no right or wrong answer with a topic thatís so subjective; everyone will have his or her own opinion. (personal, arbitrary)

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