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Definition: strict, severe, and controlling, especially used to describe rules that are intended to protect people or prevent harm

Synonyms: strict, rigid, constricted, severe, rigorous, exacting

Antonyms: lax

Tips: Stringent is derived from the Latin word stringere, which means "to bind." You can think of things that are stringent as being tight and constraining, just as being bound limits movement and freedom. Stringent is often used when discussing safety and tightly defined rules. For example: The stringent (strict, defined) safety rules were designed to prevent accidents at the plant.

Usage Examples:

The new requirements for obtaining a driver's license are much more stringent than in the past. (strict, exacting)

After undergoing stringent testing, the new engine was declared ready for marketing. (rigorous)

The company had to put in some stringent security measures, after it was discovered that some employees were embezzling funds. (strict, severe)

It is important to have stringent safety regulations in industries where there is a potential for danger to the workers. (strict, rigid)

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