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Definition: 1. to make more economical or efficient; 2. to make something more contoured so that it may move more fluidly through air or water

Synonyms: improve, organize, simplify, modernize, contour, shape, smooth

Antonyms: complicate

Tips: Although streamline comes from physics, it is commonly used in business settings to refer to processes that smooth or improve operations by making them more modern or efficient. The related adjective, streamlined, refers to anything that is made more efficient or attractive by reducing non-essential elements.

Usage Examples:

A major goal of the review process is to help streamline operations, which should, in turn, boost profits. (modernize, simplify, improve)

When aircraft designers aim to streamline their planes, they are striving for a model that creates less air resistance, thereby lowering fuel consumption. (contour, improve)

The company has been losing money, and it looks like we’re going to have to streamline our overseas operations. (simplify)

The new car had beautiful, streamlined contours and no unnecessary features. (simplified, smooth) adjective

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