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Definition: 1. to make, arrange, or divide into layers; 2. to divide (society) into social status groups; 3. to preserve seeds for germination by placing between layers of earth

Synonyms: tier, layer, divide, classify


Tips: Stratify is directly related to the noun stratum, which is essentially another word for "layer." The plural of stratum is strata. When something is stratified, it is divided or arranged into layers. Stratification is the act of stratifying (arranging or dividing into layers). For a memory trick, think of the stratosphere, which is a "layer" in the earth's atmosphere.

Usage Examples:

The report was stratified into several smaller reports. (divided, classified)

We stratified our research group by age and level of education. (divided, classified)

The communist movement tried to eliminate social and economic stratification, but it proved unrealistic, as the dictators behind the movements always placed themselves at a higher social-economic level than the people. (layering, grouping, classification) noun

Alcoholism is an epidemic that has touched every stratum of our society. (layer, group, demographic) noun

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