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Definition: a state of inactivity

Synonyms: inactivity, motionlessness

Antonyms: activity, growth

Tips: To stagnate means "to stay or remain motionless." Think of a stagnant (motionless) body of water. Stagnation refers to inactivity or the process of becoming inactive. The word is often used when discussing lack of economic growth. In business or economics, if something is experiencing stagnation, it is not growing.

Usage Examples:

Our industry has experienced many years of growth, but now seems to have fallen into a period of stagnation. (inactivity, lack of growth)

The executives are hopeful that the new marketing campaign will alleviate the sales stagnation of the past couple months. (inactivity, motionlessness)

American auto makers have launched several new car models in recent years, in an effort to alleviate stagnant sales. (stand-still, immobile) adjective

The computer industry has experienced a period of stagnation since the majority of households already have a personal computer. (lack of growth)

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