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verb, noun

Definition: (v.) to strongly and disdainfully reject something; (n.) a strong and contemptuous rejection

Synonyms: turn-away, disapprove, despise, disdain, dismiss, reject, scorn, snub, shun

Antonyms: embrace, accept, approve

Tips: Spurn is derived from the Old English spurnan, which means "to reject, despise." The word spurn is much stronger than the word rejection and implies contempt toward the thing or person being rejected. Spurn and scorn are similar in meaning. Scorn denotes showing disdain or contempt for something or someone, while spurn is rejecting someone with disdain. Remember that spurn rhymes with burn, and when you spurn someone, you really "burn" them with your disdain. Spurn is also synonymous with rebuff. See a detailed analysis at rebuff.

Usage Examples:

She will spurn any job offer that does not include health benefits. (dismiss, reject) verb

Voters in the liberal state are likely to spurn the candidate because of his views on gun control. (scorn, turn away from, reject) verb

She spurned his apology because it did not seem sincere. (rejected, dismissed) verb

He felt rebuffed by Jody's spurn and was upset that she would push him away so strongly. (rejection, snub, disdain) noun

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