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noun, adjective

Definition: 1. someone who is wasteful with money; 2. wasteful in spending

Synonyms: (n.) spender, high-roller, squanderer, waster, (adj.) wasteful, careless, prodigal, profligate, improvident

Antonyms: restrained, moderate, prudent, frugal

Tips: Spendthrift is an ironic word because it sounds like it should mean spending money in a thrifty way. However, spendthrift always refers to wasteful spending, and it may be used as both a noun and an adjective (see usage examples).

Usage Examples:

She was a spendthrift who went shopping everyday and always bought expensive, designer clothes. (spender, waster, squanderer) noun

The spendthrift politician spent his entire campaign budget long before the election. (wasteful, careless) adjective

The company went bankrupt because of its spendthrift owner. (wasteful, careless) adjective

The spendthrift was forced to file for bankruptcy because of his huge debts. (spender, high-roller) noun

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