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Definition: forming a conclusion without considering facts or without having the complete information

Synonyms: theoretical, hypothetical, unrealistic, questionable, farfetched, dubious, risky

Antonyms: clear, confirmed

Tips: Speculative refers to guessing at the truth without much regard to factual evidence. In business and finance, it can also describe investments that may be unsafe but have the potential for large profits. The related verb speculate means "to think deeply about something," "to guess at something," or "to make a risky investment."

Usage Examples:

The police chief didn't know what actually happened, so he based his answers on speculative knowledge. (theoretical, hypothetical, questionable)

The jurors were instructed to go by the facts and not to form speculative conclusions. (opinionated, hypothetical)

When asked what went wrong with the project, the man produced a speculative answer for his boss. (hypothetical, theoretical, questionable)

I knew it was a speculative investment, but I was optimistic that it would be a profitable one. (risky, unsafe, dubious)

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