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verb, noun

Definition: (v.) to give birth or to cause something new to grow; (n.) 1. eggs of fish or amphibians, usually produced in large quantities; 2. offspring, especially when numerous

Synonyms: (v.) generate, produce, initiate, (n.) eggs, seed, offspring

Antonyms: (v.) kill, destroy, exterminate, eradicate

Tips: Spawn is used to refer to the eggs of fish or frogs, as well their offspring. Spawning is laying and fertilizing of eggs by fish and frogs. In business, spawn is used figuratively to describe creating or initiating new ideas or strategies.

Usage Examples:

Male seahorses are very unique in that they keep their spawn in a special pouch in their abdomens. (eggs) noun

Fewer government regulation coupled with increased freedoms should spawn new start-up companies throughout India. (create, initiate, give birth to) verb

Grunion are interesting fish, as they swim to the beach and flop on the sand in order to spawn. (lay and fertilize eggs) verb

We are hoping his new ideas will spawn change at this company. (create, initiate) verb

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