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Definition: 1. marked by gravity, dignity, and earnest sincerity; 2. characterized by ceremony or formality; 3. inspiring awe or reverence

Synonyms: heavy, intense, earnest, serious, grave, sober, somber, awe-inspiring, imposing, venerable, dignified, ceremonial, sedate, staid, sacred

Antonyms: relaxed, bright, cheerful, informal, frivolous, rejoicing

Tips: Solemn is derived from the Latin sollemnis, which means "formal, ceremonial." Think "serious" (like a formal ceremony). Solemn is a word most people think of to express sadness or seriousness, but it goes deeper than that. Solemn describes a deep and heavy reverence or seriousness, while somber is a better choice to denote deep sadness. The related noun solemnity refers to a state of seriousness and reverencel.

Usage Examples:

The fallen soldiers were honored in a solemn ceremony. (serious, heavy, somber)

After he lost a significant amount of money in Las Vegas, Bob made a solemn promise to his wife never to gamble again. (serious, earnest)

The solemnity of the memorial service was interrupted by a child's laughter. (seriousness, intensity, reverence) noun

The President's most solemn decision is to decide whether or not to go to war. (heavy, earnest, grave)

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