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Definition: thoroughly and completely wet

Synonyms: wet, drenched, soaked, saturated, doused, sopped, steeped

Antonyms: dry, parched, arid

Tips: Think of the surface layer of the ground, which is known as sod, after a heavy rain--it would be sodden. Sodden describes things that are extremely wet. Saturated is a synonym of sodden. Sodden is often used figuratively to describe someone who is dull-witted from drinking too much, while saturated is often used figuratively to describe heavy media coverage: "Days before an election, television programs are saturated with campaign ads."

Usage Examples:

The baseball game was cancelled because of the rain; the field was simply too sodden for play. (drenched)

After the flood, residents had to clean up their sodden homes and belongings. (soaked, drenched)

I got caught in a rainstorm on my way to school, and there was no way to dry my sodden clothes. (soaked)

After walking though the forest after the rain, my shoes and socks were sodden. (wet, soaked)

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