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Definition: 1. threatening or suggesting evil, menace, or harm; 2. showing evil intention

Synonyms: threatening, foreboding, manacing, evil, wicked, minatory, malign, ominous

Antonyms: benevolent, benign, good, kind

Tips: Sinister is derived from the Latin sinister, which means "on the left side." Sinister has come to mean "evil" because of the old superstition that the left side of the body was unlucky. Think of sinister as a more sophisticated way of saying "bad" or "wicked." Sinister is similar to the word depraved as both words are used to describe evil or corrupt character or behavior. Sinister is often used to describe a person or a situation that is threatening and projecting evil ("He looks sinister," or "That is a sinister looking dog"), while depraved refers to a state of corruption that is inherent in a person ("He is a depraved man and I don't think he can change his evil ways.")

Usage Examples:

In the movie, the evil villain had a sinister plan to take over the world. (wicked)

His sinister smile and squinted eyes scared the children. (evil, threatening)

The shadows of the trees looked sinister in the moonlight. (ominous, foreboding)

The depraved boy's sinister plan to sabotage his classmate's project in order to make his own work look better was foiled by the professor. (wicked, malign)

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