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Definition: 1. to reproduce or create a model of something; 2. to mimic looks or behavior; 3. to pretend

Synonyms: imitate, copy, model, represent, duplicate, mimic, re-create, pretend, fake, feign


Tips: Simulate has its origins in the Latin word similis, "like." This is also the origin or the word similar. When something is simulated an attempt is made to create a model or imitation of the thing being represented in the simulation. (With the onset of new media, we will see a lot more simulation of reality.) For human behavior, the word pretend is a better choice than simulate. Simulate is most often used in technical situations.

Usage Examples:

The pilot simulated a maneuver he had learned in flight school the week before. (imitated, re-created)

There are several flight simulator games that simulate the experience of flying. (mimic, re-create)

The theme casinos in Las Vegas try to simulate the experience of everything from being in New York to attending the Mardi-Gras celebration. (duplicate, mimic, represent)

The test was meant to simulate the experience of driving under the influence of alcohol. (duplicate, imitate, model)

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