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noun, verb

Definition: (n.) 1. the act of pushing to the side or diverting to an alternate course; 2. a bypass or diversion of bodily fluid (in medicine); (v.) 1. to divert or transfer (as in trains on a track); 2. to avoid responsibility by shifting it to someone else; 3. to move somebody or something from one place to another

Synonyms: (n.) swift, interchange, (v.) rearrange, divert, shove aside, sidetrack, transfer, move over

Antonyms: stay

Tips: Shunt means "to cast aside or move something to an alternate course." Shunt is often used when referring to railroad switches or in medicine, when a passage that diverts the flow of blood or other bodily fluid form one channel to another is created in surgery. In the definition of moving someone or something, shunt is used in the context of convenience or necessity, rather than kindness. Shunt can also be used to denote the diversion of an electrical current.

Usage Examples:

They needed to shunt the train so that another one could pass. (sidetrack) verb

If he thinks he can just shunt the problems onto somebody else, he'd better think again. (transfer) verb

The plan is to shunt water from the lake into the river. (divert) verb

During the first few weeks at my new job, I was shunted from one desk to another because my office was still occupied by someone else. (moved, transferred) verb

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