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Definition: 1. completely clear, like a cloudless sky; 2. free from troubles and worries

Synonyms: calm, peaceful, clear, still, tranquil, placid, untroubled

Antonyms: rough, turbulent, stormy, troubled, frenzied

Tips: Serene is derived from the Latin serenus, which means "peaceful, clear." Serene describes things that are calm and peaceful, unclouded by troubles. Therefore, it can be used in the literal sense of a clear sky or the more figurative sense of calm and untroubled emotions. The related noun is serenity, which means "tranquility, peacefulness, and calm." Serene is synonymous with tranquil and placid. See tranquil for additional analysis

Usage Examples:

She loved to go to the park because it was one of the only serene places in the city. (peaceful)

It was the perfect day to go fishing; the lake was calm and serene. (tranquil)

Looking out the balcony of our hotel in Hawaii, the clear, blue skies and beautiful ocean looked absolutely serene. (clear, peaceful)

After a frenetic week of work, I look forward to the serenity of our quiet vacation home in the country. (peace, tranquility)

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