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Definition: 1. involving little to no physical activity or exercise; 2. tending to sit most of the time

Synonyms: inactive, idle, sitting, settled, motionless

Antonyms: physical, active

Tips: In zoology, sedentary is used to denote shellfish which remain in one place, attached to a rock for most of their lives. Think of sitting around like a rock. Sedentary also describes birds that stay in the same area year-round and don't migrate. Sedentary is also related to the word sedate, which means unhurried and subdued. Both words were derived from the Latin sedatus, the past participle of sedare, “to calm,” literally “to force to sit,” from sedere, “to sit.” If you are sedentary, you are sitting or are inactive.

Usage Examples:

Her sedentary lifestyle likely caused her heart problems. (inactive)

She quit her sedentary desk job to become a firefighter. (sitting)

She didn't like bowling because she thought it was a relatively sedentary sport. (motionless, inactive)

The doctor told me that if I don't change my sedentary lifestyle and begin to exercise, I will develop severe health problems. (inactive, idle)

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