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Definition: to prevent or put an end to something, usually abruptly

Synonyms: stop, prevent, hinder, end

Antonyms: allow, continue, start

Tips: The verb scotch essentially refers to putting an end to something. It is a useful word in the context of scotching (stopping) rumors. Scotch can also mean "to prevent something from moving by using a wedge," or can refer to the wedge itself. When you jam a wooden wedge under a door to keep it open, you scotch it. Scotch is also used to denote putting a small notch or score in the surface of something, like building materials or fabric, but this usage is no longer common--the word "score" is better for this. As an adjective, Scotch relates to Scotland or its people, but is not a favorable term among the people of Scotland.

Usage Examples:

The celebrity scotched the rumors of his affair by threatening to sue any publications that ran the story. (prevented, ended)

I asked the journalist to scotch the story before it ran in tomorrow's papers. (stop, hinder)

My boss scotched my plans to quit by offering me a substantial raise. (stopped, ended)

I scotched my friend's imminent hangover by offering her some aspirin and a strong cup of coffee. (prevented, hindered)

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