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Definition: gloomy, bitter, and overly serious

Synonyms: irritable, crabby, surly, sullen, grouchy, harsh, gruff

Antonyms: happy, pleasant, sweet

Tips: Saturnine is derived from the the word Saturn. It used to be believed that people born under the astrological influence of Saturn would be gloomy and sluggish. At that time, Saturn was believed to be the farthest planet from the sun, and therefore, the slowest. Imagine how bitter you would be if you knew your life was destined to be a slow, sluggish failure--you would be saturnine.

Usage Examples:

The high school students were in a saturnine mood after they got caught skipping class. (surly, sullen)

We knew he was in a seriously bad mood by his saturnine behavior. (irritable, gruff)

The man used to be happy and easy-going, but has turned saturnine over the years. (crabby, grouchy)

The boy became saturnine and brooded each time he was asked to take out the trash or clean his room. (surly, grouchy)

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