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Definition: something intended to criticize, often using humor, especially wit and sarcasm

Synonyms: lampoon, ridicule, irony, parody, mockery, sarcasm, wit, spoof

Antonyms: tragedy, drama

Tips: Satire is derived from the Latin satira, which means "poetic medley." Satire used to refer to a collection of poems that attacked or criticized someone. Now, the attack is done with humor and can be applied to anything or anyone. Satire is usually done in the form of writing, art, or performance art and ridicules its subjects. If something is described as satiric or satirical, it is ridiculing. Satire is similar to parody in that they both are used to describe "making fun" of a person or incident. Satire is usually more biting, critical, and ridiculing, while a parody simply pokes fun for the sake of humor.

Usage Examples:

The movie "Wag the Dog" is a great example of political satire. (lampoon, parody)

The movie took a satiric look at the Presidency and politics in general. (ridiculing) adjective

He loves satirical comic strips that point out the humor of everyday life. (witty, ridiculing) adjective

I went to see a play that was a funny satire of today's celebrity life. (parody, mockery)

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