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Definition: 1. notable, relevant, and most important; 2. having a quality that calls attention to itself; 3. projecting out of something at an angle

Synonyms: important, notable, remarkable, noticeable, conspicuous, striking, protruding, pronounced, prominent

Antonyms: unremarkable, uninteresting, inconspicuous, unobtrusive

Tips: Salient comes from the Latin salire, "to jump." Picture a girl named Sallie jumping out of a cake. This is a notable and remarkable event. Now, picture how Sallie protrudes out of that cake. This picture encompasses both meanings of the word salient--remarkable and/or protruding. In business, you may say: "I only want to focus on the most salient (important, noteworthy, remarkable) points." Salient can also be a noun denoting an angle or part that protrudes. The related noun salience means "prominence or visibility" and is often used in advertising and marketing discussions.

Usage Examples:

Good advertising can make a brand more salient in the minds of consumers. (notable, pronounced)

Consumer food companies try to achieve salience through convenient product placement in supermarkets. (prominence, visibility) noun

Please do me a favor, and write up a summary of the most salient points made in the presentation. (relevant, most important)

His comments were salient to me, and I really took them to heart. (important, notable)

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