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Definition: 1. to consider something deeply and carefully; 2. to re-chew partially digested food--refers to cows and other ruminants

Synonyms: mull, brainstorm, contemplate, consider, ponder, reflect, muse

Antonyms: forget, ignore

Tips: Ruminate has a second, lesser-used meaning of "chewing cud" (like a cow). It is this motion of going over something again and again that probably gave rise to the word's meaning of "mulling something over." Think of the expression: "let me chew on this for a little while, and I'll give you a decision later." This is the idea of ruminate. For a memory trick, note how ruminate sounds like "room in which I ate." Now, think of a room where you eat and think things through--it's the room in which you ate (ruminate) and ruminated (mulled things over) before you made your decision.

Usage Examples:

Don't ruminate too much over it or you'll never make a decision. (mull, reflect)

She spent the last year ruminating over which college to attend after graduation. (contemplating, considering)

The President ruminated over what course of action to take. (pondered, mulled)

The cows grazed on the hillside and ruminated their food in a relaxed manner. (chewed)

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