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Definition: 1. held back or kept in check; 2. characterized by restraint, not showy or emotional

Synonyms: controlled, discreet, guarded, heedful, cool, restricted

Antonyms: bold, showy, emotional, aggressive

Tips: To restrain something is to hold it back or control it. Something or someone described as restrained is consciously controlled. Restrained is also the past tense of restrain. A restrained person is a cautious person, one who holds the reins on outwardly emotional expressions and avoids extremes. Controlling something in a restrained manner, whether it be spending, emotions, or habits, denotes being under self-control. The word's origin is in the Latin restringere, "to restrain, restrict," from re- and stringere, "to bind tight."

Usage Examples:

Dana's usually restrained behavior changed when she spent time with certain friends who encouraged her boisterous side. (discreet, controlled)

Brian restrained his smile at the poker table, so as not to give away his good hand. (controlled, restricted) verb

The restrained use of color in his painting creates a cold and moody effect. (controlled, restricted)

Afraid of being labeled a bitch, she kept her anger restrained in front of her coworkers. (guarded, controlled)

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