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Definition: 1. impatient and tense, especially under restraint or in a forced delay; 2. unwilling to be controlled or calmed

Synonyms: impatient, uneasy, agitated, fidgety, jittery, restless, uptight, obstinate, unyielding, stubborn

Antonyms: patient, calm, peaceful, accepting, docile

Tips: Although restive sounds like it should describe someone calm and at rest, it actually means the opposite. Restive is synonymous with the word restless, which is actually a more common word to describe impatience or agitation. But restive also means "stubborn or obstinate." Restive could be used to describe any areas of unrest in the world. Restive can also denote a balky animal, such as a horse, who refuses to go forward. Restive is a strong word for a person or people who are experiencing a period of restlessness or uptightness due to environmental constraints.

Usage Examples:

The clients are becoming restive, and are complaining about the slow turnaround time for their cases. (impatient, agitated)

There was a sense that the protestors were beginning to get restive, and riot police were brought in to control them. (restless, agitated, obstinate)

As his mental condition worsened, Joe began to get restive and more difficult to calm down. (obstinate, unyielding)

Since I only had a short break to run all my errands, I became very restive when I had to wait in line at the post office. (impatient, agitated, uptight)

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