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verb, noun

Definition: (v.) 1. to make a firm and definite decision about something; 2. to clear up or deal with a problem or situation successfully; 3. to dispel any doubts or clear up an argument; 4. to reach a conclusion, usually by a vote, after deliberation; 5. to separate into different parts or separate components; (n.) 1. the state of having firmness of purpose; 2. a firm decision to do something

Synonyms: (v.) determine, decide, settle, conclude, solve, establish, separate, (n.) determination, resoluteness, steadfastness, purpose, will, intention, decision

Antonyms: (v.) waver, blend, combine, (n.) indecisiveness

Tips: Resolve has several definitions. In business, resolve is often a more sophisticated way of saying "determine" (v.) or "determination" (n.). When you resolve to do something, you anticipate success, and are determined to accomplish it. When a person has the trait of resolve, the person is motivated and steadfast toward accomplishing his or her goals. In the other most common use of resolve, it means to "solve," or clear up, a problem.

Usage Examples:

This year, I resolve to make time for the activities I have been meaning to try. (determine) verb

John resolved the conflict between his neighbors by inviting them to dinner and encouraging them to settle their differences. (settled, solved) verb

Maggie's resolve to get straight A's in school, though admirable, caused her to miss out on the social aspect and cameraderie that is part of college life. (determination, intention) noun

His resolve to win the match was evident in his focus and the look in his eyes. (resoluteness, determination) noun

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