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Definition: 1. the relinquishment of a job or position, or a formal statement of intent to do so; 2. an unresisting acceptance of a change or fate you don't necessarily like

Synonyms: notice, withdrawal, termination, surrender, acceptance, compliance, deference, docility, passivity, submission


Tips: The word resignation and the verb to resign are related and refer to leaving one's job. A resignation is a formal notice of quitting, or resigning. But resignation can also denote an acceptance of, and surrender to, some situation. When you resign to do something, or are resigned, you're not necessarily happy about it, but you accept it.

Usage Examples:

My resignation will be on your desk in the morning. (notice [of quitting])

Joanna continued to work on the tedious project with resignation, because she knew that there was no one to do it for her. (acceptance, deference, compliance)

"We're not going to make it to the movie on time," I said with resignation. (acceptance, submission)

She was resigned to stay up all night in order to finish her term paper on time. (accepting, willing) adjective

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