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Definition: 1. to drive back or repel; 2. to cause aversion or disgust; 3. to reject an approach

Synonyms: repel, reject, rebuff, shun, stop, refuse, disgust

Antonyms: captivate, welcome

Tips: The true meaning of repulse is to physically drive someone away with force or strength, but figuratively, it has come to mean "to disgust." This is the meaning we hear most commonly. Think of being so disgusted by something, that you have to take a few steps back--you are repulsed. Repulsion can denote a force that pushes two objects apart or a strong feeling of disgust or dislike.

Usage Examples:

The smell repulsed me, and I drew back in disgust. (disgusted, repelled)

I was repulsed by his rude and disgusting behavior. (disgusted, repelled)

Since I'm a vegetarian, I feel repulsion when I see people eating meat. (disgust) noun

The defensive linebackers repulsed the offensive line. (stopped, rejected)

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