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Definition: 1. to refuse to recognize the truth or validity of something; 2. to reject something as untrue or unjust; 3. to formally disapprove of something; 4. to formally separate yourself from something or someone; 5. to refuse to pay a debt

Synonyms: reject, abjure, deny, renounce, abandon, disavow, divorce, forsake, negate, disclaim, disdain, abdicate, disregard

Antonyms: recognize, acknowledge, adopt, own, embrace, accept

Tips: The underlying idea of the word repudiate is that of rejection. It comes from the Latin repudium, "divorce," which is, in its essence, a rejection of one's spouse. To refuse to accept something as valid, or true is to repudiate it. If you believe that something is completely unfounded or unjust, you can repudiate it simply by disregarding it. It can also be used in a similar context as renounce; a person could repudiate former beliefs. When you repudiate a debt, you essentially disregard and refuse to acknowledge it.

Usage Examples:

The newspaper refused to repudiate the remarks of one of its editorial writers, despite public outcry. (reject, disavow, disclaim)

I repudiated my former opinion when I realized I was misled. (rejected, abandoned)

She repudiated the accusations against her and filed a counter suit in response to the charges. (rejected, disclaimed)

She decided to repudiate the debt because she was financially irresponsible and wasn't concerned with her credit standing. (disregard)

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