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noun, verb, adjective

Definition: (n.) a morally unprincipled person who is often beyond hope of redemption; (v.) to disapprove, condemn, or reject; (adj.) deviating from what is considered acceptable, good, or proper

Synonyms: (n.) deviant, miscreant, villain, (v.) condemn, blame, judge, reject, denounce, (adj.) depraved, degenerate, corrupt, immoral

Antonyms: (v.) approve, accept, (adj.) good, honest, moral, reputable

Tips: Reprobate has the same origin as the word reprove, but is a stronger and more formal word. It is used in religious contexts to describe a "damned soul." Someone or something reprobate is highly immoral or warranting very strong disapproval. Reprobate is used most often in its adjective form, to describe less than desirable moral scruples, and as a verb, to condemn or reject. The related noun reprobation referst to strong condemnation or censure, or, in the context of religion, eternal damnation.

Usage Examples:

The Senator's racist comments were reprobated by the commission. (denounced, condemned) verb

She found his heavy drinking, drug use, and gambling to be reprobate, and didn't see any hope for their relationship. (immoral, corrupt) adjective

The priest told her she would be reprobated if she continued her immoral behavior. (condemned) verb

You can't live your life as a reprobate and continue breaking the law every chance you get. (miscreant, villain) noun

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