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Definition: a close copy or reproduction of something, especially a work of art, and sometimes a miniature version

Synonyms: copy, reproduction, representation, carbon, clone, facsimile, model, duplicate

Antonyms: original

Tips: The word replica has its origins in the word "repeat." It is a repetition of something that has been done before, but refers more to objects, especially objects of art, than actions. Replicas are more than just imitations. They are actually inspired by the artist or supervised by the maker of the original. Replicas are often created for study, so as to not damage the original, or so the design can be in more than one place at a time. To replicate something is to create a replica or copy of it. Replicate can be used when referring to either objects or actions or events.

Usage Examples:

Many space and science museums feature a replica of the space shuttle. (model, representation)

Although I copied the painting exactly, I still couldn't replicate the mastery of the original. (copy, reproduce, imitate) verb

A replica of a Picasso hangs in my living room, and although it's an excellent copy, I still wish I had the original. (reproduction, copy)

We tried to replicate the atmosphere of last year's New Year's party, but we were not able to recreate the same feeling of merriment the second time around. (duplicate, redo, reenact) verb

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