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Definition: 1. to say by formal declaration that you no longer own, support, believe in or have a connection with something; 2. to formally and publicly give up a right or claim to something; 3. to disown or turn away from something; 4. to voluntarily leave a position

Synonyms: abandon, disown, abdicate, forsake, deny, disavow, leave, quit, disclaim, waive, abjure, forswear, relinquish

Antonyms: defend, advocate, embrace

Tips: Renounce is a rather formal term, used when giving up or rejecting a formerly held title, position, cause, or belief. For example: one can renounce citizenship; a renegade could be said to have renounced his former loyalties.

Usage Examples:

The politician's unwillingness to renounce his ties to the renegade group may hinder his chances for re-election. (disclaim, forswear)

The suspect renounced his right to an attorney, saying that we would prefer to act on his own defense. (waived, relinquished)

Kimberly renounced her job in the advertising industry in order to follow her passion of teaching children. (quit, left)

Kate renounced her friendship with Chris when she found out that Chris had repeatedly lied to her. (abdicated, disavowed, abandoned)

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